Terms and rules

   1.1 Do not promote or encourage the violation of any of our rules or TOS.
   1.2 Do not abuse the reaction system.
     1.2.1 Do not hint, suggest, or request a reaction on yourself or another member.
     1.2.2 Do not use giving/receiving reactions as a currency, reward, or condition.
     1.2.3 Do not spam/stalk members with reactions.
  1.3 Do not abuse the reports/chat-reports/scam-reports/support ticket system.
     1.3.1 Do not report members/content for a reason which has already been denied.
     1.3.2 Do not spam the reports/chat-reports/support ticket system with the same reason or content.
   1.4 Do not create multiple accounts. Each member is allowed one personal and one business account.
     1.4.1 Do not create posts outside the support section when using an account for support/appeals.
   1.5 Do not slander or otherwise trash another member, person, or thread.
     1.5.1 Do not post derogatory content in which you are not informative and constructive.
     1.5.2 Do not publicly criticise unless in a thread dedicated to the content or the reputation system.
   1.6 Do not disrespect, harass, hate on, or troll another member or person.
     1.6.1 Do not post content whose sole purpose is to degrade or disturb the peace of another member or person.
     1.6.2 Do not continue to send a member content, or content regarding them after being asked by them to stop.
   1.7 Do not impersonate another member, person, or company, or otherwise misrepresent yourself.
   1.8 Do not post content which is extremely low in quality, irrelevant, redundant, unnecessary, or meaningless. (e.g: “Looks nice, GLWS”, “Vouch, bought an {item}”)
     1.8.1 Do not post content to which a reaction could have been substitute, or which was already made apparent.
     1.8.2 Do not post content where the majority of what is posted is an image or other media.
     1.8.3 Do not post content whose only purpose is to bump a thread.
     1.8.4 Do not vouch on a product/service thread unless you have purchased that product/service. User vouches should be done via the reputation system.
   1.9 Do not post content in a language other than English or without an English translation unless consented and limited to private conversation.
   1.10 Do not post content intended to mislead, lure, or shock users.
     1.10.1 Do not false advertise, post screamers, promote clickbait, or rickroll.
   1.11 Do not post content requesting the addition of a specific member into staff, staff are hand picked when necessary.
     1.11.1 Do not post content which suggests you or another member want to be or should be considered for staff.
   1.12 Do not post pornographic, sexually explicit, or graphic, or otherwise NSFW content.
   1.13 Do not post content which contains ‘spoilers’ of movies, tv shows, or other anticipated content.
   1.14 Do not post ‘goodbye’ threads, or other content which suggests you will no longer be using the site.
   1.15 Do not post content which may impair our users’ ability to navigate the site.
     1.15.1 Do not post images which are large in size. Images larger than 1MB may be removed without warning.
     1.15.2 Do not post images which are flashy, and or may trigger epileptic seizures.
   1.16 Do not post links with the intention of producing revenue or other content from users clicking the link.
     1.16.1 Do not post adfly links, referral links or codes in any section other than the Premium ‘Begging Forum’
   1.17 Do not post on threads in which the last reply/sonnb-Up was over a month ago unless you started the thread.
   1.18 Do not share personal information.
     1.18.1 Do not share personal information of another member or person on site.
     1.18.2 Do not share personal information of a member of our site off site.
     1.18.3 Do not share your account passwords or other login credentials with other members.
   1.19 Do not spam or promote spam anywhere on our site.
   1.20 Do not attempt to deceive, ignore the instructions of, or otherwise abuse the staff members of this site.
     1.20.1 Do not continue to argue with staff members over staffing related decisions after it has been finalized.
     1.20.2 Do not add staff members to a conversation related to or requiring staffing duties without prior permission.
   1.21 Do not discuss, link, or promote any external gangs or communities.
   1.22 Do not post threads in the wrong forum/section.
   1.23 Do not discuss, link, or promote sites which could be considered to compete with Mazarmy.


The following rules apply to the use of business accounts.
   2.1 Do not post content unrelated to the business that the account represents and it’s clients.
     2.1.1 Do not post content containing personal opinions while using a business account.
   2.2 Do not post content where the user posting on behalf of the business is not made clear.
   2.3 Do not abuse your business account.
     2.3.1 Do not react to or respond to content created by any personal accounts associated with the business account.
     2.3.2 Do not double rep with the business account or rep users of the business account with the business account or vice versa.


The following rules apply to the shoutbox and are expected to be followed when utilizing the shoutbox.
   3.1 Do not attempt to promote any servers or external websites in shoutbox unless via an Mazarmy thread link.
     3.1.1 Do not advertise any external websites which are not portfolio/team sites for services currently offered on Mazarmy.
   3.2 Do not attempt to contact staff members for non-shoutbox related staff things via the shoutbox. Use support tickets/reports.
   3.3 Do not flame/flood the shoutbox with personal arguments.
   3.4 Do not send multiple advertisement messages within twenty minute increments.
   3.5 Do not advertise products and services which do not have a thread created explicitly for them on Mazarmy.
   3.6 Do not advertise products and services which you yourself do not own, have the right to redistribute, or which has previously been advertised in the last 20 minutes.


The following rules apply to contests and giveaways hosted on Mazarmy in the “Contests and Giveaways” section.
   4.1 Do not close your contest/giveaway without first announcing the winner.
   4.2 Do not start a contest/giveaway without also specifying a reasonable contest closing date.
   4.3 Do not offer to giveaway any item or service which you do not intend to provide.
   4.4 Do not offer to giveaway any item or service which you do not own or have the right to redistribute.
   4.5 Do not include connection to or growing you in any way via social media to be a requirement for winning.


The following rules apply to the marketing of products and services.
   5.1 Do not advertise your product/service on another member’s thread.
   5.2 Do not offer to buy/sell any product/service in the inappropriate category.
   5.3 Do not offer to buy/sell an item or service you do not intend to provide/pay for.
     5.3.1 Do not bid anything you're not committed to paying. Retracting bids is allowed only at the seller's discretion.
   5.4 Do not offer or sell anything you do not own or have the right to redistribute.
     5.4.1 Do not offer to sell any product or services belonging to a banned or suspended member on Mazarmy.
   5.5 Do not start an auction-style thread without specifying a reasonable auction end date.
   5.6 Do not sell/promote ebooks, methods, media encouraging black-hat/money making activities or other objectionable content.
   5.7 Do not ask for vouch copies on a thread. If the author specifically states they're offering vouch copies, send a PM instead. 

The following rules apply to resources distributed and sold via the Mazarmy Resources
   6.1 Do not submit resources whose download is not and does not function as described.
   6.2 Do not attempt to distribute services, external links, or ads via resources. Your download must contain the product.
   6.3 Do not miscategorize your resource.
   6.4 Do not submit resource files which contain malware, viruses, or any other malicious program or script.
     6.4.1 Do not submit resources so low in quality that it could potentially harm any of our members’ hardware/data.
   6.5 Do not submit resource updates which do not contain significant improvements, with the intention of bumping.
   6.6 Do not attempt to sell/leak or otherwise redistribute content which is not both unique and owned by you.


The following rules apply to the use of Mazarmy’s wiki as well as its contents and features.
   7.1 Do not abuse the Wiki, use it as it was meant to be used.
   7.2 Do not promote yourself, any members or any products or services in any article you write or edit.
   7.3 Do not write biased articles. Keep your writing neutral. State facts and opinions, but not opinions as facts.


The following rules apply to the use of the reputation system on Mazarmy
   8.1 Do not give reputation which is not relevant and informative. Example: “User is dumb” or “Vouch. Cool guy”.
   8.2 Do not accuse members of scamming without linking a scam report on that member which you have started.
   8.3 Do not hint, tip, or request a specific reputation rating on yourself or another member.
   8.4 Do not use reputation as a currency, reward, or condition.
   8.5 Do not abuse the reputation report system. This means you shall not attempt to report reputation unless it violates the above rules. Reputation is otherwise handled by the community, and is there to gauge the community’s opinion of you. If someone has a negative opinion of you, and you wish to improve your reputation, it is your responsibility to improve their opinion of you and therefore your reputation via communication with the reputation author.